The Ideas Conference Foundation is run by students, for students. We rely on your support to make our annual conference a success. Here are a few ways that you can help our mission:

Donate — financial support from personal and organizational donors is greatly needed and 100% of contributions go toward supporting student-led projects. Each donor will receive a full overview of how their money was used. Likewise, individuals and organizations who provide financial assistance will be invited to attend all special events during our annual conferences, and will receive special recognition in all conference materials. You can check out our GoFundMe for more information.

Networking — networking support and mentorship are vital components of an early career, and students in our organization receive considerable guidance and practice networking with professionals from both public and private organizations. If you are interested in networking and mentoring students, let us know! Please note that that all contact information will be kept secure and confidential.

Expertise — we rely on the the help of professors, industry leaders, and subject-matter experts, who generously contribute their time to advise students during and after our annual conferences on issues related to public policy.

If you are able to partner with our organization in any of the above ways — or are interested in helping in some other way — please contact Luke Georgiadis at [email protected]